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100 Series Angled LCD Case, Flat Bottom, 9-volt batt.

ABS enclosure, 7.5 x 4.0 x 1.9 / 2.85" 2x9-volt battery compartment, recessed angled LCD top, expander panel, black/ bone, screws, battery clips, Bezel optional.

Technical Drawings:

Size: 7.5H x 4.0W x 1.75/2.70L"

Part Number: 100-52-29V-E-R

Battery Type: 9-volt batt


Part Number 100-52-29V-E-R
Product Name 100 Series Angled LCD Case, Flat Bottom, 9-volt batt.
Battery Type 9-volt batt.
Top Type Recessed Top
Size 7.5x4.0x1.9/2.85"
Weight in Pounds 0.4
Material ABS UL 94 HB
Technical Drawings:

Price Brackets
Quantity Price
1 - 99 $16.77
100 - 249 $13.42
250 – 499 $12.25
500 - 999 $11.07
1000 – ¥ $9.90

Additional Information

Weight 0.00 lbs
Dimensions 7.5H x 4.0W x 1.75/2.70L"

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